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  About The School  


Expand - Empower - Excel (E³)


Making Students Competent Builders Of A Globally Competitive Future


GAMES - Goals And Motivation Equals Success

School Creed

Everyday I will be ready, respectful and responsible

so that I can learn and do my very best!


We believe that the children of Wilkinson County are our most valuable resource because they are the future leaders of the 21st century. Further, we believe that the task of the school is to provide all students with multiple opportunities to master content knowledge, skills, and positive academic attributes for successful participation in an ever-changing world. It takes collaboration among all education stakeholders to develop students into successful citizens able to participate and compete in the world. Therefore, we believe in working together in an open and inviting learning environment that enables students to cultivate their strengths while improving upon their weaknesses. 

School Hours