Saturday School will be held on February 10 & March 10!

**After School: Tue-Thur weekly, 3:30-5:30

 Yearbooks are on sale until Friday, March 9! Order yours TODAY!

 At WCPES we have a resource center in which we store/provide spare uniforms for students who have emergencies while at school. From uncontrolled bladder/bowl movements to spilling milk during breakfast/lunch time, accidents are inevitable and even more likely with our younger (primary aged) students. Please donate any outgrown, new or gently used uniforms so that we can be prepared during those times. If you cannot donate to our resource center, please at least send a spare uniform for your student(s). We appreciate your cooperation and thanks for all you do!

 Strive For Less Than 5 Absences

 During the 2017-2018 school year, we will be actively working to improve student attendance. Parents and children are encouraged to strive for less than 5 absences for the school year. Studies show that students with good attendance have greater academic success. Students who miss only 2 days still fall behind and find it difficult to fully recover in the classroom.


School Events
•  Leadership Team Meeting
•  Read Across America

Spotlight on Literacy and Math!
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Last week (Oct. 9-12) was Fire Safety/Prevention Week 2017 and it was a major success! Firefighters came to share fire safety...
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Ride For Literacy 2017 was a major success for the district overall! Over 65% of the students participated and the excitement...
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Thank you to all of our grandparents who came out to commemorate National Grandparent's Day with us! We enjoyed having you all...